Matthew attended Iroquois High School and was a student who needed to put forth a great work ethic to achieve membership on the Honor Society. He was diagnosed with cancer a week before Christmas during his sophomore year, which led to a 25-month struggle with the disease. During this period, he underwent significant medical treatments that presented him with very difficult challenges, both mentally and physically. In spite of all the obstacles that chemotherapy put in front of him, he continued to love life and enjoyed his family and friends.

He also developed a love for Iroquois High School. He came to cherish what most teens take for granted; the opportunities and enjoyment that high school offers, despite the hard work associated with maintaining his grades. Although ill, Matthew diligently worked to keep up with school and never gave up.

The student that receives the scholarship in Matthew’s memory is asked to demonstrated how they have performed above and beyond your capabilities. The foundation awards the scholarship to a student that has demonstrated the same type of desire to excel that Matthew showed during his short life.